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Ally Psychological Services was founded to provide a higher quality of therapy for Bucks County and the surrounding area. At Ally Psychological Services, the goal is simple: help those who want to start feeling better by providing a safe, comfortable, confidential, and supportive environment.

Ally Psychological Services focuses on each individual's needs above all else, ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity, respect, and feels heard.


Focusing on Helping You

Get Back to Feeling Like You.


Anxiety can feel like it's taken control of your brain. Your emotions are all over the place, your thoughts are scattered, and you can't seem to focus on anything other than what's causing you the anxiety in the first place.


Depression can suck the joy out of even your favorite activities; you know you want to want to have fun, but you just can't gather the energy or motivation to move. Sometimes it feels easier to just lay in bed and not even try.


A recent break-up, being hung up on that ex you know isn't good for you, feeling detached, sexual or emotional cheating, or wanting to explore if they're the right person for you. Whatever it may be, something feels wrong and you want to figure it out.

Phase of Life

Life can be hard sometimes, really hard. There's no manual for dealing with the inevitable difficulties and it's unreasonable for you to expect yourself to know how to handle it all. We all could use a sounding board now and again.

Sexual Behaviors

Whether you're addicted to sex, watch too much porn, seek out inappropriate partners, are or have cheated on someone, or maybe you're just downright confused about what or who you're into. There's no shame or guilt here.

Legal Troubles

Everyone makes mistakes. I am not going to shame you about it. Instead, I want to help you figure out why you made the mistake you did and how it won't happen again. Or maybe you're stressed about it all and want to talk, that's cool too.

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